Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Furniture Shopping: Round 1

After doing research on Consumer Report as well as reading many reviews on baby websites, we decided we were ready to shop for a baby crib and furniture for our little pumkin's room. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the most overwelming experience thus far.

Aside from the quadrillion cribs to choose from in the store, the cribs we had on the top of our list turned out to be a bit unsterdy or flat out unattractive in person. Needless to say we left the store empty handed, but not without a clearer vision of what we want.

Monday, May 18, 2009

24 Weeks and counting

Finally an update

Ok, it's been a while. You can blame it on the documentary "We Live in Public" (and maybe a bit of mommy paranoia). It really had me second guessing how much of our personal life I wanted out there on the Internet, and the possible effects this might have on our daughter. But after looking at this realistically, I now believe this documentary was a bit exaggerated. The internet and all that comes with it is now ingrained in our culture. You simply can't avoid it. If you see the documentary you'll know exactly where I'm coming from.

So without further and friends here's what's been going on with the biggest joy of our life, Honey Bunny.

Our little pumpkin is doing just great! If kicking and being extremely active is a sign that she's a healthy baby, then our daughter is as fit as they come.

We've been having so much fun with her now that she can actually hear and feel us, and we can feel her movements more often and stronger. She responds to Daddy's voice, and believe it or not, they've started their own little game. One tap and Mommy's tummy from Pumpkin renders a single kick or punch from Honey Bunny. Then repeat. It's amazing. Oh, did I forget to mention she's most active at night? She's like a little drummer drumming on and off when the lights go out. Let's hope this is not a sign of what's to come.

We still have our reading sessions in the evenings, and with the NBA playoffs now in full swing, she'll either be a lover of basketball, or extremely irritated from hearing so much of it in the womb.

Aside from being completely entertained and amused by Honey Bunny's little antics, I've come to look forward to and enjoy our weekly video chats with family across the globe. Courtesy of the oh so awesome WWW. They can see my growing belly in real time...and always seemed shocked at how much bigger I am.

My big sis has been more than a shoulder to lean on. She's been ears, a heart, cheerleader and comforter. It's great to have a big sis I can count on. My sister-in-law, being a fairly new mom herself, has been giving non-stop advice that is always welcomed. We love you both Mich and Jody. And Ed too!!!

My mother-in-law! It's amazing we can't run out of things to say from talking to her just about everyday of the week. She's been there as she's always been. And my mom is just so happy she'll finally be joining the Grandma Club.

Big thanks, hugs, kisses and love yous to Kev, Micah, Gabby, Tia, Simone and all our aunts, uncles and cousins that have showered us with love and support.

As for me, I'm finally at that point in the second trimester that I've read about but up until now has eluded me. The aches, pains and nausea have just about disappeared. I do have the occasional backache and I still have a difficult time sleeping at nights. However, I've read that 75% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia, so knowing I'm not alone is a bit comforting.

Overall we're very happy, nervous and panicked at times :). We've been getting huge support from family and friends, and we simply cannot thank each and every one of them enough.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days

She's a kicker people. That's right. Baby Pumpkin is now officially a baby girl pumpkin. We saw her wiggle, jump and display some extraordinary agility in the foot/leg department today. Not sure if she was dancing (Muff can throw down a leg or two on the dance-floor) or if she was practicing some high knee lifts for her future sprinting career. Whatever she was doing in that womb- it impressed. Thanks for responding to the glass of OJ Mom fed you right before our visit Baby Pumpkin. Thanks for being so healthy. Thanks for being here. And thanks for reminding us how life evolves and family's grow. You are loved so much, by so many people. We can't wait to meet you.

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (video 2)

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (video 3)

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (video 4)

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (video 5)

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (video 6)

Third Ultrasound: 18 weeks 3 days (pictures)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daddy Pumpkin feeling Little Pumpkin for the first time!

And it just keeps getting better. Our Little Pumpkin has been moving a lot more these days. I've tried explaining to Pumpkin how it feels, but it's almost impossible to describe. But something amazing happened for the first time this Wednesday night--earlier than usual thanks to mommy's petite frame. Our Little Pumpkin made lots of "waves" for daddy to feel from the outside of mommy's tummy! This went on for what seems like forever...and, once again, absolutely amazing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The last week of the 4th month...already!!!

Week 17 is coming to an end, and I simply can't believe how fast the time went by. I guess when I'm not worrying all the time, it's a much easier journey.

We bought tons of books over the past week, as I promised Little Pumpkin. I like to believe his/her favorite is ‘I Love You with All My Heart’ by Noris Kern. It's all about mommy's love for Little Pumpkin. And so that Pumpkin doesn't feel left out, I picked him up a few books that's all about daddy, as an anniversary gift. He absolutely loves them. Unfortunately though there aren't enough books out there about daddy (especially ones that aren't gender specific)...what's up with that? Aren't there daddies out there too?

Our next appointment is on Monday, the 23rd. And I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to change Pumpkin's mind about finding out the sex. He agrees that concentrating on one sex for choosing a name...or even just to admire the cute little baby outfits we see in the stores...would be a lot easier. Hopefully, Little Pumpkin will cooperate with us, and we'll find out if the little thing that's causing me to get up at 4:30 AM every morning to raid the refrigerator is a girl or boy.


This past Monday Muff and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. A milestone we respect and cherish. We've gone through a lot together. Hills and valleys. Streams and mountains. Life has its way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them. We've managed to handle them all - some better than others. But overall, our love for each other has grown. We know what we're about. We have an idea of what works and what doesn't and we appreciate each other. I'm not sure what I would be without her, but I'm glad she puts up with me.

Over the weekend we drove north up the coastline to the Marshal Store in the town of Marshall. That's our spot for oysters. They do them raw, baked, bbq'd and Rockefeller styled. They also serve up a mean clam chowder if need a fixin. We hiked a bit and ended up staying overnight at a quaint lodge in Olema (Population 50. 52 if you count us). It was a trip and a weekend well spent.

On Monday, Muff bought me my first Daddy books to read to little pumpkin. It warmed me up inside. Actually, it melted me. I get a bit teary just thinking about it. The thought of me being a father in some way feels like an abstract idea. I know I'm one. I sort of understand what they do, but the realization doesn't come right away. The ah-ha moment isn't always there. That is, until you see the first ultrasound, or hear the heartbeat for the first time. Or in my case, you receive your first Daddy books to read to your child, from the woman carrying your child. Those moments are special. And I had one on our 8th anniversary. Thanks Muff.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mommy's world with baby pumpkin

This has been an amazing experience so far. Though there have been times when I've totally freaked out for no valid reason--am I suppose to be eating this, am I sleeping too much on my left side, or is my belly too big???

I'm so happy that our baby is growing healthy and strong inside "mommy's" belly :).

Over the past week, I've definitely become a lot more comfortable with baby and allowing him/her to do his/her thing. I realized that aside from eating healthy and taking good care of myself, there's nothing else that I have control of. It's all God's work.

We're now in week sixteen (YAY!), and I'm very sure I have felt baby moving a time or two. He/she seems to like when I drink OJ. Daddy Pumpkin has been great with talking to baby pumpkin every night when he gets home from work. We all get a good laugh, especially over my moodiness and extreme sensitivity.

I've been watching way too much TV with Pumpkin working extra late these days, and I suspect I'm having a bad influence on baby pumpkin. So I've designated a time to read to baby. So far, I've just been reading articles aloud on it's development, and random children stories online. I think this weekend we'll go out and buy a few children's book.

Pumpkin, aside from showing what a great dad he will be, has been the most helpful and caring daddy to be in whole world. He senses my discomforts at nights and insist (yes, I said insist) on rubbing my back, as I beg him to go back to sleep because he needs his rest.

Last weekend I told most of my family and friends the "BIG NEWS", and everyone is very excited! Like us, they can't wait to meet baby pumpkin.

My challenges this week. One: putting on some more pounds (apparently I should gain 12 lbs by the end of this took me 10 yrs to do that). And two: stop counting down every single won't make it any shorter.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

WTF # 1: It's happening.

Daddy Symptoms. I've read about it. Heard about it. Even found it a tad interesting. But hell, I didn't want to have to go through it. I've got serious backache, fatigue and needless to say, I'm right next to Muff when she makes her late night trips to the bathroom. I might even be a bit emotional. It's crazy. Or am I crazy?

Of all the symptoms, my backache is the worst. I thought I had strained or pulled something, but the more I read, the more I'm tying it all together. Pregnancy is crazy. And I'm not even the one carrying the baby.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What week is it again?

Apparently, we're in week 14. I defer to Muff on dates and precise timelines. I suck at that. Women tend to be much better at it. Yes -it's a stereotype, but my wife sure does live up to it. She has a particular knack for feeling (without looking at a calendar) a person's birthday, a couple's anniversary or someone's due date. She even has a particular knack for remembering that very stupid thing I said two years, four months, three days, twelve hours and 36 seconds ago. That's the memory you want. She just knows when and I don't ask how. Hopefully baby pumpkin will have Mom's memory and not Dad's. It tends to be useful.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello world: Jan 26, 2009

Over 10 years ago I met Muff. She was a firecracker. The first time I met her she ripped my best friend a new one. I sorta knew then that she had something I liked. Friendship became courtship. Courtship became marriage. We've traveled. We've lived a little. And now we start on a new journey together. It's hard to describe the emotions you feel when a child enters the picture. Especially at the time that it did. It's been a hard few months for me, but this has helped to lift me to a better place. It forces me to think forward. It makes me want to be better. I know it sounds all mushy and stuff, but even when it's this early, you can't help but feel responsible. Responsible for that little pea. That little speck of life on a monitor. Say hello everyone. Baby pumpkin swam when we first saw it. Or trampolined. Whatever it did it was pretty active. And it made us happy beyond belief.

Friday, February 13, 2009

It all started... or sometime around here. The pictures don't do us much justice (muff would say it does us quite the opposite). Looking back it's easy to say we were either too little of this or too much of that. But we all have those childhood pictures hidden somewhere in a closet. And we know they probably won't see the light of day unless God himself broke down the door . Needless to say, we were an item. Or so I wanted to think. I was desperate to catch her attention and she was content with keeping me at bay. It worked out in my favor. Persistence does pay off. Several years of friendship was a good place to start. I recommend it to anyone.