Friday, March 6, 2009

Mommy's world with baby pumpkin

This has been an amazing experience so far. Though there have been times when I've totally freaked out for no valid reason--am I suppose to be eating this, am I sleeping too much on my left side, or is my belly too big???

I'm so happy that our baby is growing healthy and strong inside "mommy's" belly :).

Over the past week, I've definitely become a lot more comfortable with baby and allowing him/her to do his/her thing. I realized that aside from eating healthy and taking good care of myself, there's nothing else that I have control of. It's all God's work.

We're now in week sixteen (YAY!), and I'm very sure I have felt baby moving a time or two. He/she seems to like when I drink OJ. Daddy Pumpkin has been great with talking to baby pumpkin every night when he gets home from work. We all get a good laugh, especially over my moodiness and extreme sensitivity.

I've been watching way too much TV with Pumpkin working extra late these days, and I suspect I'm having a bad influence on baby pumpkin. So I've designated a time to read to baby. So far, I've just been reading articles aloud on it's development, and random children stories online. I think this weekend we'll go out and buy a few children's book.

Pumpkin, aside from showing what a great dad he will be, has been the most helpful and caring daddy to be in whole world. He senses my discomforts at nights and insist (yes, I said insist) on rubbing my back, as I beg him to go back to sleep because he needs his rest.

Last weekend I told most of my family and friends the "BIG NEWS", and everyone is very excited! Like us, they can't wait to meet baby pumpkin.

My challenges this week. One: putting on some more pounds (apparently I should gain 12 lbs by the end of this took me 10 yrs to do that). And two: stop counting down every single won't make it any shorter.

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